Buddha’s Herbs Green Tea Extract Review

Buddha’s Herbs Green Tea Extract Review

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Are you in the market for a supplement that won’t only help your body to become healthier internally. but also look better aesthetically? Green tea extract has been a nutritional aid circling through popular media. due to its immune boosting, brain enhancing, and energy boosting properties. With many brands and formulas to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which is the best for you and why.
Buddha’s Herbs Green Tea Extract is a phenomenal choice to add to your daily supplement regime. as it provides your body with a strong foundation to become healthier and happier with every dose. All you need to do is implement a healthy lifestyle and allow the supplements to assist with everything else.

Features of Buddha’s Herbs Green Tea Extract

  • Semi-decaffeinated green tea formula
  • Up to 90% catechins
  • Up to 50% EGCG
  • Manufactured in an NSF and GMP certified facility
  • Each capsule contains less than one percent caffeine
  • Includes Thiamine and B compounds

Buddha’s Herbs Green Tea Extract ReviewBenefits

  • Antioxidant Qualities – The most powerful substance. we all know that when we use antioxidants it will be able to clear our system and remove damage oxidizing agent. we can feel/ observed that we are energized and have better health.
  • Lowers Cholesterol – This Product help to low the cholesterol. and maintain healthy heart health. and protect yourself against a number of other issues.
  • Improves Digestive Health – Digestion is the process by which our food is broken down into a form. that can be absorbed into the blood system. and carried to cells throughout the body to provide nourishment and energy. This product can help you to balance the good and bad bacteria.
  • Enhances Immunity Levels – Your first line of defense is to choose a healthy lifestyle.  with this green tea, you’ll be able you’ll be able to keep your system safe against illnesses and diseases. even in times of extreme stress and agitation.
  • Weight Loss – The most awaited part. the weight loss. Yes, you read it correctly. Green tea can help you to lose your weight. Using the formula directed you can get the good result. and having weight loss you can keep your body in better condition.
  • General Well Being –The product contains an array of vitamins and minerals. it keeps your body running well. and your energy levels stable so that you remain productive throughout the day.


  • Gives you a healthy amount of energy with little to no jitters:  If there’s one advantage that outweighs the rest. is that you can easily take this product without having to worry. about an abundance of caffeine related side effects. Unlike coffee, which can cause jitters. and an inability to focus. this formula seems to help you tune into the world around you and promote a healthy dose of energy.
  • Helps to curb your daily appetite:. Another interesting advantage to these green tea supplements. are they help you to maintain a healthy appetite. When dieting, it can be easy to be led astray. and find yourself wanting to snack on unhealthy things throughout the day. When you find yourself craving a sweet treat. you can take the recommended dose of Green Tea Extract and it will help to curb any cravings.
  • Each capsule goes through rigorous testing to ensure high quality standards are met:. When it comes to weight loss supplements, it can be difficult to find a formula that you can rely on in terms of quality. The list of ingredients in these supplements proves. that green tea extract can be useful when taken in coordination with a healthy lifestyle. and without the need for fillers and artificial ingredients.
  • Does not induce cramping or indigestion: . Plenty of individuals might experience discomfort with their digestion. as a result of implementing a new supplement to their regime. The Buddha’s Herbs Green Tea Extract doesn’t induce cramping. or indigestion as a result of too much caffeine or an overwhelming amount of water retention.retention.


  • You will not see results unless you eat healthily and exercise:. it is important to remember that supplements are designed. to help your body alongside other things such as a healthy diet and exercise. With that being said, you’re not going to see any results without changing your lifestyle. as these are certainly not magical pills. designed to specifically target fat cells on their own.
  • High levels of Vitamin B1 and Thiamine: . Another concerning disadvantage to this product. is that they contain extremely high levels of Vitamin B1 and Thiamine. The average person needs only one to two milligrams of Thiamine. to prevent a deficiency, but this formula contains 65 milligrams.


  • Semi-decaffeinated green tea formula. To help promote healthy weight loss and brain functioning. this formula contains less than one percent of caffeine. in comparison to other brands that rely mostly on caffeine. for their cognitive boosting properties.
  • Up to 50% EGCG. To help fight against free radicals that can be responsible for both short. and long-term illnesses. the Buddha’s Herbs Green Tea Extract supplements contain up to 50% EGCG to help boost your immune system.
  • Includes Thiamine and B compounds. As a water-soluble ingredient. both Thiamine and B compounds. are necessary to help your body absorb the nutrients that you ingest throughout the day. These two ingredients are essential to not only help your body feel the positive effects. of the green tea extract but also to improve the effects of a healthy diet.


There are plenty of different green tea extract formulas on the market. and when put up against other brands, the Buddha’s Herbs Green Tea Extract performs well.
When compared to NOW Green Tea Extract. an incredibly popular nutritional aid. the Buddha’s Herbs Green Tea Extract contains far less caffeine. Depending on your personal preference and how your body reacts to caffeine. this may be an advantage or a disadvantage. The Buddha’s Herbs formula offers less than one-milligram caffeine. whereas the NOW formula contains four milligrams of caffeine.
In terms of EGCG, the most important component of green tea extract. both brands are comparable as they offer 200 milligrams per dose. However, the Buddha’s Herbs Green Tea Extract offers slightly fewer catechins. (320 milligrams). than the NOW formula (322 milligrams).
Another important thing to consider is the recommended dosage for each brand. as you’ll want a formula that gives you the most power. without having to take an overwhelming amount of pills throughout the day. With the Green Tea Extract. you’ll need to take up to two capsules per day. whereas with the NOW Green Tea formula you only need to take one dose with a meal.


Overall, it’s easy to understand why the Buddha’s Herbs Green Tea Extract. is a reliable formula. that can help you to achieve a healthier lifestyle with the help of a better diet and regular exercise. Its formula is designed to target free radicals. which are responsible for premature aging and illnesses. and the formula helps to boost your cognitive processing abilities. With a reasonable recommended dose every day. you’ll be able to see results much faster than with competing brands.


At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with adding another supplement to your daily regime. Green tea extract is reliable. in the sense that it provides a stronger foundation. for you to build on to become a healthier version of the person you once were. All you need to do. is consider the advantages and disadvantages of formulas. such as the Buddha’s Herbs Green Tea Extract. to ensure you’re choosing the right supplements for your needs.

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