Is Green Tea Good for Skin

Is Green Tea Good for Skin? Let’s Find Out!

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Green tea has been around for ages as a potent medicinal drink used in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine. These days this beverage is often consumed for a whole other lot of health benefits, but is green tea good for skin? Experts say so. The health benefits of drinking green tea for the skin is not as popular, but yes, this drink is excellent and beneficial for this part of the body.

The Magic of Green Tea

Green tea has gained popularity in recent years as more studies show the wide range of benefits one can get by consuming it constantly. It contains various elements such as phytochemicals, vitamin b, manganese, folate, magnesium, potassium, caffeine and amino acids, just to name a few.

Many people these days consume more green tea to help them lose weight. After all, studies show that green tea helps break down fats with its enzymes.

Aside from helping in weight loss, green tea is also helpful in preventing other kinds of diseases, which would include heart attack or cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Plus, this type of tea also helps in one’s dental health as well as improve memory and concentration.

These are just some of the health benefits of drinking this tea, but is green tea good for skin?

Is Green Tea Good For Skin? Yes, Says Experts

Many people ask whether green tea is good for the skin and doctors would definitely say yes! There are various reasons why a person should take this drink to make their skin glow.

First, green tea aids in improving skin complexion. One study from the Medical College of Georgia shows that this tea helps in rejuvenating the skin. Taking it regularly can help flush out the toxins as well as heal our scars and blemishes. Plus, it can improve the elasticity of the skin and reduce swelling.

Aside from helping improve skin complexion, green tea can also minimize dark circles and puffy eyes. This tea has an astringent called tannins, which help in the treatment of dark circles and puffy eyes, The tannins along with the antioxidants found in green teas can help reduce the blood vessels found under the skin of our eyes, which results in the reduction of puffiness and swelling.

Fighting skin aging is one of the benefits of consuming green tea, too. Its anti-aging ability helps in delaying symptoms of aging skin such as age spots, wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin.

Green tea has polyphenols that act as a neutralizer of harsh radicals. As such, green tea can fight the harmful elements, thus delaying skin aging. Plus, it can also help fight off skin cancer given its anti-cancer properties.

If you spend a fortune on skin toners, then you would be happy to know that this famous tea can also drive out skin impurities. It can act as a natural toner that can minimize big pores and helps keep the skin hydrated.

This favorite beverage can also help lessen pimples and acne due to its catechins, which are antibacterial elements and support in the regulation of the hormonal imbalances of the body. Acne, after all, is often caused by the body’s hormonal imbalance.

Additionally, the tea has an anti-inflammatory property, which minimizes the swelling brought by the bacteria causing the acne.

The above benefits of green tea in treating acne is well documented. For example, one study by the Journal of Investigative Dermatology revealed that the EGCG element found in green teas inhibits bacteria and acne growth.

Good For The Hair Too

But green tea is not only great for skin since it can also help in the promotion of hair growth with its great amount of anti-oxidants. One of the causes of hair loss is Dihydrotestosterone or DHT, which the green tea’s catechins can block. Plus, this popular drink can also help heal dandruff and dry scalp.

In one research it was found out that the green tea’s polyphenols were crucial in preventing hair loss among rats.

Not Only For Drinking

Moreover, one can use the green tea to benefit the skin without having to drink it. For example, to help improve the skin’s complexion, an individual can use it as a mask. It is simple to do as one only needs to open the tea bags and take out all the contents and mix it with either honey or lemon juice or both. The mixture must be applied to the face for five to ten minutes. This mask can be used once to twice a week.

To help heal dandruff and dry scalp, a person only needs to use it like shampoo by dropping the contents a small amount of water and rub the mixture to the scalp.

To use this tea as a toner, one must brew the beverage, wait for it to cool off, and apply to the face with the use of a spray or cotton balls.


Indeed, green tea has many health benefits. It can help fight cancer, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and even diabetes. Plus, it can enhance one’s memory and concentration and can help in weight loss.

It is also great for the skin and hair, to add to the many reasons why this popular beverage must be consumed or used.

Green tea can help the skin in so many ways. It can help prevent acne and pimples from coming out. This drink can also be used as a toner and treatment for a dry and scaly scalp. To top that off, it can also help the skin to rejuvenate and can be applied to the eyes to reduce the puffiness and swelling

This popular tea can help many in making their skin and even their hair look great and stay young. But drinking this beverage is not the only way to reap its benefits. One can create a mask by simply mixing the contents of a teabag with other ingredients like lemon and honey. It can also be used as a shampoo to get rid of the dry scalp and dandruff.

A person can also save some money by using this popular drink as a skin toner by brewing and cooling it down and applying it to the face. Surely, one can never go wrong in buying a green tea given the many ways it helps our bodies including our skin.

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