Is Green Tea Good for Acne

Best Green Tea for acne ace : The Secret Revealed

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Green tea is made from the Camellia sinensis leaves, which undergo a process of withering and oxidation. There are numerous varieties of green tea, and they differ based on the growing conditions, the process of production, and the time of harvest.

The tea offers various health benefits, some of the most important ones being better heart health, weight loss, and prevention of serious ailments like cancer and diabetes. Green tea also helps improve depression symptoms. and can it is acne treatment.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, 50 million Americans are suffering from acne yearly. It is one of the causes of poor self-image, anxiety, and depression. It is usually characterized by pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads and it often occurs in the face, chest, neck, shoulders, back, and upper arms. Fortunately, the solutions to this problem can either be chemically or naturally developed. One of the natural means recommended is green tea. but is green tea good for acne?

Is Green Tea Good for Acne?

Many People ask if is green tea really helps for acne problem. The answer is Yes, green tea is for acne because:

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties.

It is proven that drinking green tea or using green tea-infused facial washes, toners, and moisturizers can help reduces inflammation and skin’s redness which is usually caused by pimples—one of the symptoms of acne. Also, green tea helps reduce the size of your sebaceous glands. According to experts, when these glands are small, they produce less sebum which is one of the causes of pimples. Additionally, the most predominant antioxidant component of green tea, ECGC, is capable of calming down the redness of pimples or any inflammations.

  • It helps lower blood sugar and insulin levels.

You might be asking, why do blood sugar and insulin levels have anything to do with acne? The truth of the matter is, it has a lot to do with acne because high levels of sugar can cause inflammation, redness, excess sebum production, and clogged pores. This is the reason why dermatologists often advice patients with acne-prone skin to cut down their sugar intake.

However, just because you are drinking green tea or you are using green tea-infused skin care products, you will start eating a lot of sweets again. No, it doesn’t work that way—you have to combine both to prevent acne.

  • It has anti-bacterial properties.

The anti-bacterial property of green tea is called catechins. Whether you are using green tea topically or orally, this component is awesome at killing acne-causing bacteria on the skin.

  • It helps minimize the appearance of scars.

Green tea also contains anti-aging properties which help in the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines by encouraging your skin to produce more collagen. So, the abundant production of collagen helps your skin to heal faster which results in the reduction of scars that you get from pimples.

  • It helps decrease androgen levels.

Having too much androgen in your bloodstream can cause your skin to produce more sebum, which sometimes can cause acne to worsen. In addition, androgen can increase the production of skin cells which can cause clogged pores. Green tea has properties that are good for stopping this hormone from rising in your bloodstream, and it also helps unclog your pores. As a result, your acne symptoms are improved.


Green tea is most of the time used topically in the treatment of acne. In fact, there a lot of skin care products that are infused with it which is really helpful in clearing up acne. Additionally, taking it as a drink is also helpful because it targets the things inside our body that causes this condition. It does not matter how you use green tea to treat acne, all that matters is that it is helpful in clearing up your skin so you can gain your confidence back.

Nevertheless, drinking green tea or using green tea-based products cannot work on its own. You also need to do some other things to enhance the contributions of green tea to clearer skin.

Benefits Of Green Tea For Acne – How To Treat Acne Quickly With Green Tea

Acne Prevention: Other Tips

  • Keep your face clean and moisturize.

It is recommended to wash your face daily to get rid of dirt, oil, and other impurities. It is also suggested to wash your face with a gentle cleanser or soap and wipe with a clean towel. After washing your face, don’t forget to moisturize because leaving your skin dry can cause sebum production, which is one of the culprits of pimples.

  • Eat healthily

One of the other causes of acne is poor diet, so to keep acne at bay, you need to eat a balanced meal. Eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits and food rich in healthy oils, like salmon. You must also keep your body hydrated.

  • Do not touch your face

Your hands are one of the parts of your body wherein there are a lot of bacteria, so you need to avoid touching your face. However, if you really can’t stop yourself from doing it, it is best to frequently wash your hands so that no bacteria will transfer to your face if you’ve accidentally touched.

  • Exercise daily and get enough sleep

Exercise does not only help improve your health, but it also helps in achieving a clearer skin by releasing toxins through sweat. In addition, exercise also helps balance hormone levels, especially those that can cause pimples. You should also not forget the importance of getting enough rest because this is also necessary to have beautiful-looking skin.

  • Consult a good dermatologist

Yes, there are a lot of products available that you can buy to help get rid of acne, but there are times that they can actually worsen the case. If that happens, it is best to consult your dermatologist so that he or she can give you some expert advice to help clear your skin up.

Final Words

As can be denoted from above, the definite answer to, “Is green tea good for acne?” is “Yes, it is.” Green tea is a proven ingredient to help reduce acne and achieve a clearer skin. Nevertheless, it has to be done in conjunction with the other tips we have enumerated above. That is because if you are always stressed, have a poor diet, and don’t get enough sleep, you still have a huge chance of getting acne even if you drink the recommended amount of green tea or use skin care products that are infused with it.

Acne is a serious problem among teenagers and adults. Since it can sometimes look bad, it can hit your self-esteem. There are also chances that acne can be caused by your genes but it does not mean you can’t do something to prevent it. Follow our tips and maintain a healthy lifestyle because they will really help, but if all else fails, you have your trusted dermatologist to help you with your acne problem.

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